Big projects. Small projects.
We build great experiences*.

*No matter the project size.


Our goal is to give our users the best possible experience while using our web apps. Everywhere.


To make a website look good, ain't all for design. We create out interfaces so that they assure a great UX, giving users what they need, when they need it, and most of all, that they come back for more.


We love to create easy-to-use, fast and efficient systems. JavaScript and Python are our weapons of choice. We prefer lightweight frameworks, like Flask, and have released several open source Python libraries.


We help our clients to plan every aspect of their projects. Online Strategy, Feasibility Studies, UX Analysis, Copywriting, Wireframing, all the works. We work to develop the greatest potencial of our client's projects (and our's too).


We really like to share what we know. If your company is in dire need of courses and workshops about modern web tech (HTML5, Microformats, CSS3, jQuery and Python), you know whom to call.


What's more awesome that loving what you do? Knowing that someone else loves what you make, too. Our work has been featured (and praised) in several magazines and newspapers (both printed and online), including:

We don't want to brag, but our founders (Germán and Juan Pablo) won the first Peruvian Wayra Week, with the project Worldrat. And this project also made it to StartUp Chile. These guys really rock! But we don't want to brag, eh!

Our Playground

We have so much fun designing and developing our products that, sometimes, we can't call it work.

  • A Wonderful Color Picker, by Lúcuma labs


    A Color Picker Chrome App, with Chroma you can access all the shades of a color, know the HEX, RGB, and RGBa of an specific shade, copy it and use it wherever you want.

  • A Collaborative Slide Editor, showcased in several publications. By Lúcuma labs


    One of the first Online Collaborative Slide Editors, launched in 2007 and showcased in several publications. We started licensing Prezentit last year, being Skoletube, a danish education organization, the first of these licenses.

  • Clay, a rapid prototyping tool by Lúcuma labs


    With Clay you can forget about making changes to dozens of HTML files just because you need to add a link in the header. And it acts like a real server!

Serious Business

We make sure that every aspect of the project runs smoothly, from UX analysis and UI design to Front and BackEnd. Each client is unique, like the products we develop for them.

  • Infobae, one of the most visited news sites in Latin America. Designed by Lúcuma labs.


    Status: Online

    One of the most visited news sites in Latin America, Infobae hired us to redesign, implement web standards and responsive web design.

  • Condor Travel responsive website designed and developed by Lúcuma labs.

    Condor Travel

    Status: Online

    We redesigned Condor Travel with the goal of boosting tour inquiries. We also developed a fully customized content management system.

  • Mira TV: 100% responsive HTML5 site, by Lúcuma labs.

    Mira TV

    Status: Online

    We redesigned having in mind that the Miraflores Municipality wanted it to be 100% responsive and that it had to be accesible for older citizens.

  • UX, Responsive Web Design, by Lúcuma labs

    Observatorio de DD.HH.

    Status: Offline

    The Ministry of Justice from Perú needed a site to promote the "Human Rights National Plan". They asked for a fully responsive and accesible site.

  • Publimetro, the first HTML5 news site in Peru, designed by Lúcuma labs


    Status: Online

    When Publimetro launched in Perú, it needed a fast, clean and accesible design. We had it ready in less than 2 weeks, and it was the first HTML5 news site in Peru.


We have provided solutions to companies and individuals of all shapes and sizes. We take time to really understand the requirements of our customers and develop our strategies in line with their individual needs.


Lúcuma Labs

Let's build great things together. If you need information, want a quote, or want to be part of our team, send us a few lines.